March 5, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Coronado Playhouse
1835 Strand Way
Coronado, CA 92118
$12 in advance; $15 after February 26
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Sunday, March 5 at 6pm

Oscars? Golden Globes? Tonys?
It’s time for the Awards Ceremony we’re REALLY excited about


Coronado Playhouse
Annual Blue Ribbon Awards!

In 2016 we celebrated Coronado Playhouse’s landmark 70th Season. As the longest continuously running Community Theatre in San Diego we have so much to celebrate. Tonight – at our Annual Blue Ribbon Awards – we celebrate a remarkable 70 Years of play making, we celebrate 6 fabulous main-stage productions, and we celebrate the fun and family we experience, working together and doing something as simple, yet as magical, as putting on a show!

Join us for a fabulous evening as we reminisce the sold-out houses, the extended runs, the standing ovations, the love, the laughter and the tears!

At this evening’s ceremony we recognize excellence on the Coronado Playhouse stage and honor the incredible work – bringing attention to the dedicated and talented, actors, techs, designers, musicians, and production teams who contributed to our the 2016 Season of Sugar, A Little Night Music, Sordid Lives, Hamlet, Seussical and A Chorus Line.



  • $15
  • If you purchase a table for 5 people @ $60, in advance, the table will be reserved

All individual general admission ticket sales are open seating

Admission includes: A glass of champagne on entry, delicious appetizers, coffee, soda, a raffle ticket and top-quality live entertainment from the fabulous Leonard Patton and Ed Kornhauser and an evening of amazing and wonderful memories made during CPH’s 70th Anniversary Season of incredible productions!

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In cases where there was a tie for 5th place, all those who received the top 5 scores are nominated

SET DESIGN (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Sugar Barron Henzel
A Little Night Music Barron Henzel
Sordid Lives Kirsten Giard Branch, Pam Everett
Hamlet Barron Henzel
Seussical Jacob Sampson
A Chorus Line Barron Henzel


SOUND DESIGN (Musical / Comedy / Drama)                 

Sugar Alex Heath, Rick Anthony
A Little Night Music Alex Heath
Sordid Lives Kirsten Giard Branch, Mary L. Smith
Hamlet Ryan Brasnahan
Seussical Larry McNamer
A Chorus Line Larry McNamer, Jack Connard


LIGHTING DESIGN (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Sugar Xavier Luevano
A Little Night Music Chad Oakley
Sordid Lives Chad Oakley
Hamlet Josh Olmstead
Seussical Michael Barahura
A Chorus Line Chad Oakley


COSTUME DESIGN (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Sugar Marcee Drysdale
A Little Night Music Jennie Gray Connard, Manny Bejarno
Sordid Lives Shelly Crickett, Stan Soth
Hamlet Pat John, Jane Russell
Seussical Marcee Drysdale
A Chorus Line Shelly Crickett


HOUSE EXPERIENCE (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Sugar Pamela Everett, Susan Skyrud, Amanda Everett
A Little Night Music Pam Everett, Amanda Everett, Millie Mitchell, Mark Genovese, Diane Musgrove
Sordid Lives Pam Everett, Amanda Everett, Lynn Wolsey, Susan Skyrud
Hamlet Millie Mitchell, Pam Everett, Amanda Everett, Susan Skyrud, Chris Powell
Seussical Pam Everett, Rosemary King
A Chorus Line Pam Everett, Stephanie Nesbitt


SUPPORT ENSEMBLE (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Sugar Ben Sutton, Todd Sutton Gansters
A Little Night Music Jazley Genovese, Ciarlene Coleman, Ferril Gardner, Kit Fugrad, Richard Morrison The Liebeslieder Singers
Seussical Marc Caro-Willcox, Ryan Luster, Wilfred Paloma The Wickersham Brothers
Seussical Daryl Daley, Jazz Ruiz, Kylie Young The Bird Girls
Seussical Trevor Johnson, Eileen Parks, Julia Van Skike, Ryan Luster, Marc Caro-Willcox, Kylie Young, Jazz Ruiz, Ashley Stewart The Whos
Seussical Ryan Luster, Ferril Gardner, Julia Van Skike, Daryl Daley, Alex Dunbar, Eileen Parks, Meredith Russo, Ashley Stewart, Marc Caro-Willcox, Wilfred Paloma Hunches
Seussical Alex Dunbar, Ferril Gardner, Julia Van Skike, Eileen Parks, Ashley Stewart Circus Performers
Seussical Ryan Luster, Meredith Russo, Ashley Stewart, Marc Caro-Willcox, Wilfred Paloma, Kylie Young, Jazz Ruiz Fish


SPECIAL EFFECTS (Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Winner of this category will be announced on the night


FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY(Musical / Comedy / Drama)

Winner of this category will be announced on the night



Sordid Lives Peggy Daly Juanita
Hamlet Julia Brodey Rosencrantz
Hamlet Cecily Keppel Guildenstern
Hamlet Claire White Player,Gentlewoman, 2nd gravedigger
Hamlet Laura Gracie Player Queen



Sugar Meredith Russo Spatz Palazzo/Union Contractor/Cab Driver
A Little Night Music Taylor Henderson Petra
A Little Night Music Eliana Payne Fredrika Armfeldt
A Little Night Music Dianne Gray Smith Madame Armfeldt
Seussical Daryl Daley Mrs. Mayor



Hamlet Chris Marler Ghost, Priest, Gentlemen
Hamlet Alejandrro Gutierrez Bernardo, Reynaldo, Luciancus
Hamlet Brody Gogatz Marcellus, Captain



Sugar Brent Roberts Bienstock
A Little Night Music Wilfed Grant T. Paloma Frid
Seussical Oliver Caro-Willcox General Schmitz
Seussical Trevor Johnson Yertle the Turtle/ Vlad Vladikoff /Grinch
Seussical Alex Dunbar Mr. Mayor
A Chorus Line Bruno Bosardi Larry
A Chorus Line Marc Caro-Willcox Mark Anthony
A Chorus Line Oliver Caro-Willcox Bobby



Sordid Lives Susan Bray Bitsy Mae Harling
Sordid Lives Carolyn Wheat Noleta Nethercott
Sordid Lives Angie Doren La Vonda Dupree
Hamlet Susan Stratton Gertrude
Hamlet Samantha Schmidt Ophelia



A Little Night Music Susan Bray Countess Charlotte Malcom
Seussical Meredith Russo Mayzie
Seussical Ferril Gardner Sour Kangaroo
A Chorus Line Audrey Eytchinson Val
A Chorus Line Alyssa Guttendorf Sheila



Sordid Lives Larry E. Fox Wardell “Bubba” Owens
Sordid Lives Erik Cram Ty Williamson
Sordid Lives Michael Madden G.W. Nethercott
Sordid Lives Eric Thompson Odell Owens / Rev. Barnes
Sordid Lives Jay Keener-Welsch Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram
Hamlet Samuel Young Horatio
Hamlet Steven J. Jensen Claudius



Sugar Steven J. Jensen Sir Osgood Fielding
A Little Night Music Danny Ingersoll Count Carl-Magnus Malcom
A Chorus Line Reggie Hutchins Richie
A Chorus Line Patrick Mayuyu Mike
A Chorus Line Ritchie Valenzuela Paul


ACTRESS, LEAD (Comedy / Drama)

Sordid Lives Heather Deerfield Latrelle Williamson
Sordid Lives Mary Ann Van Sickle Sissy Hickey



Sugar Kristen Fogle Sugar Kane
A Little Night Music Debbie David Desiree Armfeldt
Seussical Sophia Johnson Gertrude
A Chorus Line Shirley Johnson Cassie
A Chorus Line Amanda Arbues Diana


ACTOR LEAD (Comedy / Drama)

Winner of this category will be announced on the night


ACTOR, LEAD (Musical)

Sugar Colden Lamb Jerry/Daphne
A Little Night Music Barron Henzel Fredrik Egerman
Seussical Ryan Burtanog Horton
Seussical Jacob Sampson The Cat In The Hat
Seussical Drew McCullen Jojo


CHOREOGRAPHER (Comedy / Drama / Musical)

Sugar Rayme Sciaroni
Seussical Erin Petersen
A Chorus Line Jennie Gray Connard, Shirley Johnson



Sugar Benjamin Goniea
A Little Night Music Kirk Valles
Hamlet, original underscore Ryan Bresnahan
Seussical Michael Anthony
A Chorus Line Kirk Valles


DIRECTOR (Comedy / Drama)

Sordid Lives Mary L. Smith
Hamlet Thomas Haine


DIRECTOR (Musical)

Sugar Rayme Sciaroni
A Little Night Music Jennie Gray Connard
Seussical Desha Crownover
A Chorus Line Thomas Fitzpatrick


PRODUCTION (Comedy / Drama)

Sordid Lives Lynn Wolsey
Hamlet Chris Powell



Sugar Barron Henzel, Katy Skyrud
A Little Night Music Coronado Playhouse
Seussical Katy Skyrud
A Chorus Line Barron Henzel



Creative Team

Debbie David, Tom Fitzpatrick, Stacy MyCorn, Katy Skyrud

Event Photos

Photo Credit: Adriana Zuniga-Williams