Audition: Richard III



By William Shakespeare

Director: Tyler Richards Hewes


With consideration to our current state of affairs, and in an abundance of caution for everyone’s health and well-being, we are changing initial auditions from “in-person” to “self-tape submissions.”

Please read the following instructions:

To audition for the show, please record yourself performing your 1-2 minute classical monologue in the style of Shakespeare. The recording does not need to be professional. Your phone’s camera is sufficient. Do make sure you have enough light and that your voice can be heard clearly.

Please submit the video file to audition@coronadoplayhouse.com. Deadline for video submissions HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Tuesday, April 7. Please attach your headshot and resume and also include the following information in the body of the email:

Full Name

Cell Phone Number


First & Second Choice Roles

Are you willing to accept a different role or featured ensemble?

A list of ALL dates that conflict with rehearsals (dates listed below)

CALLBACKS: Once we’ve been advised that it is safe to gather again, we will determine a new callback date and contact those we are inviting.

Production Dates/Times:

July 17 – August 9, 2020

Thursday – Saturday 8pm, Sunday at 2pm

If you have any questions not answered in this announcement, you may email audition@coronadoplayhouse.com.

Please note:  No photos or video recording permitted during callbacks.

Audition Details:

  • For all roles: Prepare a 1-2 minute classical monologue in the style of Shakespeare.

Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin the evening of Sunday, May 24, 2020.

You need to know your conflicts from May 24 through July 16, 2020 and these must be listed in your email.

If you are invited to callbacks, please plan to bring a hard copy of your headshot and your resume and be prepared to read sides from the play.

  • Strictly a Non-Equity production. There is no pay.

Play description:

After a long civil war between the royal family of York and the royal family of Lancaster, England enjoys a period of peace under King Edward IV and the victorious Yorks. But Edward’s younger brother, Richard, resents Edward’s power and the happiness of those around him. Malicious, power-hungry, and bitter about his physical deformity, Richard begins to aspire secretly to the throne—and decides to kill anyone he has to in order to become king.

When the king falls ill, Richard, assisted by Lord Hastings, is appointed as regent. He places the young sons of Edward in the Tower and consolidates his power with the help of Buckingham. King Edward IV dies and Richard is proclaimed king. The young princes are murdered in the Tower. Edward’s widow, Elizabeth, with the sons of her first marriage, fearing for their lives, flee. Buckingham is suspicious of Richard’s role in the murder of the young princes. He tries to blackmail Richard, demanding an earldom, and when his demand is denied he tries to raise an army against Richard. He is captured and executed. Richard plans to marry Edward IV’s daughter, Elizabeth.

Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, the heir to the Lancastrian claim to the throne, makes war on Richard. They meet at Bosworth. On the eve of the battle Richard is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. When he is killed in the battle, Henry Tudor succeeds him, becoming Henry VII of England.

In this imaginative retelling of Richard III, set in the 1940s/50s mob era, returning director Tyler Hewes brings innovative and modern storytelling themes to one of Shakespeare’s earliest works.

Cast List and Breakdown:

(note: there will be multiple doubling of roles)

King Richard III – Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is the central character and driving force of the play. As depicted by Shakespeare, he is an almost unstoppable force, manipulating and murdering everyone who stands in the way of his desire for the crown. Think a mix of Vito and Michael Corleone meets Henry Hill. He is referred to as “Gloucester” for most of the play until he becomes King.

Duke of Buckingham – possesses great political awareness and diplomatic skill, and his ability to deceive is almost as great as Richard’s. He becomes Richard’s right-hand man (think Tom Hagen, the consigliere to the Don) but when Richard refuses to grant him a promised title, Buckingham betrays the king and raises an army against Richard. Unfortunately, a storm scatters his troops, and he is executed.

Queen Margaret – wife of the murdered Henry VI, is bitterly opposed to the family of Richard. In the past, Margaret led armies and had great power.  Now with the death of her husband and son, she has lost everything, and can only use the power of words to curse and predict the doom of others, especially Richard.

Duchess of York – Richard’s mother. She suffers the deaths of her son Clarence and her grandchildren (the Princes in the Tower) on the orders of Richard, and also must endure Richard spreading rumors that she was unfaithful and that her eldest son (Edward IV) is illegitimate. Her final words to Richard are her curse on him.

George, Duke of Clarence – Richard’s brother. He is referred to as Clarence throughout the play, although his first name, George, is what helps to put him in prison when Edward IV hears of the prophecy that “G” will be his downfall. Clarence is depicted as very good-hearted and trusting, similar in family stature to Fredo (without the inept duplicity), making him another easy target for Richard.

Lady Anne – widow of Prince Edward, the son of King Henry VI, both men having been killed by Richard.  Richard amazingly succeeds in turning her hatred of him into belief that he is reformed, and she eventually accepts his proposal of marriage. Only after she becomes Queen does she find that she has fallen into his trap. He later arranges Anne’s death so that he can marry a younger bride (a mix of Kay Adams and Connie Corleone).

Queen Elizabeth – Elizabeth Woodville marries Edward IV and becomes Queen Elizabeth. She then uses her power to ensure that her family achieves high-ranking positions. This causes resentment, and Richard uses her unpopularity to gain the support of Hastings and Buckingham. He orders the executions of Elizabeth’s son (Grey), brother (Rivers), and supporter (Vaughan). Her sons are the two Princes in the Tower, murdered under Richard’s orders.

Rivers – brother to Queen Elizabeth and a representative of the Woodville family.  He is killed under Richard’s orders.

Tyrrel – acts as a henchman for Richard and is responsible for organising the murder of the two young Princes.

Hastings – a loyal and devoted Chamberlain of Henry IV and supporter of the Yorkists. As a victim of the workings of the Woodvilles he foolishly places his faith in Richard, openly accepting his supposed innocence.

Ratcliffe – a loyal and chief supporter of Richard. He is responsible for the deaths of Rivers, Grey and Lord Hastings.

Sir William Catesby – proficient leader who remains a loyal advocate of and advisor to Richard throughout the play.  The Al Neri to Richard’s Michael Corleone.

Lord Mayor – plays the role of blindly accepting Richard’s claims against Hastings, and confirms and reports unto the citizens that he ‘deserved his death’.  Senator Pat Geary.

The Princes – The two young sons of King Edward IV and his wife, Elizabeth, their names are actually Prince Edward and the young duke of York, but they are often referred to collectively. Agents of Richard murder these boys in the Tower of London. Young Prince Edward, the rightful heir to the throne, should not be confused with the elder Edward, prince of Wales (the first husband of Lady Anne, and the son of the former king, Henry VI.), who was killed before the play begins.

Richmond –  A member of a branch of the Lancaster royal family. Richmond gathers a force of rebels to challenge Richard for the throne. He is meant to represent goodness, justice, and fairness.  Becomes King Henry VII at the end of the play.

Stanley –  The stepfather of Richmond. Lord Stanley, earl of Derby, secretly helps Richmond, although he cannot escape Richard’s watchful gaze.

Brakenbury – lieutenant of the tower who allows for the killing of Clarence by two murderers. Think Captain McCluskey.

All ethnicities and genders are encouraged to audition.