Audition: Much Ado About Nothing



Director: Kit Fugrad

Audition Date/Time: April 24 & 25 with callbacks, April 26:
Preliminary Auditions
Monday, April 24 & 25 2017: 6 pm – 9 pm, BY APPOINTMENT
Call Backs
Wedensday, April 26 2017: 6 pm – 9 pm, BY INVITATION
Production Dates/Times: At Coronado Playhouse:

Rehearsals from May 16, 2017
Performance dates: July 21 – August 13, 2017
Thursday – Saturdays at 8pm & Sundays at 2pm
To Reserve Your Audition Time:

E-mail audition@coronadoplayhouse.com with your name and telephone number and headshot/resume attached.
Please put “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING” in subject when e-mailing.
Appointments will be scheduled in half-hour intervals. 6:00 – 7:30, 7 – 7:30, etc. There may be up to 10 people in each group.

The Coronado Community Center, next to Coronado Playhouse, 1845 Strand Way Coronado, CA 92118.
Specific room information will be provided nearer the time.
Audition Details:

  • For all roles: For preliminary auditions (April 24/25), sides will be emailed to you and are available for download below or advance preparation. The sides do not have to be memorized, but auditionees should be very familiar with the excerpts. Please ensure you have read the full play in advance of the auditions so as to be familiar with the characters, plot, themes, language, etc.
  • Bring a photo/headshot and resume even if you e-mailed it prior.
  • Bring your calendar through August 13, 2017; all conflicts will be required to be listed on audition form. Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, May 16. Please note that actors will not be called to every single rehearsal but called per the schedule when needed.
  • Non-Equity production.

SIDES FOR DOWNLOADING (Preliminary Auditions only)
Please prepare all sides that feature the characters for which you’d like to be considered
#3 – DON JOHN, BORACHIO (dramatic)
#8 – BENEDICK, BEATRICE (dramatic)

If you are invited to Callbacks, no additional advance preparation will be required, but actors should be prepared to work with new sides and against other actors. Actors auditioning for the roles of Beatrice and Benedick, please bring or wear appropriate clothing and shoes for dancing. Callbacks will be scheduled in 45 minute intervals and in small groups, similar to the preliminaries.

Play description: Shakespeare’s comic romance is set amidst the high spirits of a post-war house party. Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick and all their troops, recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan, are able to relax and enjoy the company and hospitality of their friend Leonato, his daughter Hero and niece Beatrice.

Claudio loves Hero and Hero loves Claudio. Nothing seems capable of tearing them apart. Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice loves Benedick, although neither will admit it. Nothing seems capable of bringing them together. However, these warring rivals forge a partnership in order to defend truth and honor, and salvage the true love of Hero and Claudio after deceptions wreck the lovers’ wedding day. This is a different kind of battlefield altogether.

Driven along by a romance all the more charming for being unacknowledged, and played out with an explosion of schemes, strategies and antics Much Ado About Nothing is a miracle of comic and dramatic suspense and gives us, in the bantering Beatrice and Benedick, two of Shakespeare’s wittiest, most lovable pair of lovers.

Cast List and Breakdown:

Time Period: Present Day

Don Pedro – approx. 25-45 years old, M
Wise, fearless, ambitious, respected. Tender-hearted when he needs to be, though he is just and noble overall.

Don John – approx. 20-30 years old, M
A younger version of Don Pedro, and rather inverse of him in almost every respect. Sullen, quiet, jealous and cruel.

Claudio – approx. 20-30 years old, M
Noble, naïve, earnest, quick to misjudge. Must be able to sing, while preferably playing a guitar.

Benedick – approx. 25-40 years old, M
Quick-wit, brash, professed “tyrant” to women. Says he’s unflappable, but is actually quite easy to “flap”. Heart of gold, despite some of the things he says. (May or may not be British.)

Borachio – approx. 20-30 years old, M
unning, calculated, loyal to Don John and no one else. All this falls apart with beer.

Balthasar – approx. same age as Claudio, M
Earnest, honest, and cheerful, must be able to sing, preferably playing a guitar (or violin, perhaps?)

Leonato – approx. 40-65 years old, M
Warm, welcoming, amiable, cares for his daughter and his position as Governor of Messina. It is his home which is the setting for the play.

Father Francis – approx. same age as Leonato (if not older), M
Appraising, typically calm, but quick to pick up on the emotions of others. Leonato’s brother (in this incarnation of the play).

Beatrice – approx. 25-40 years old, F
Quicker wit, romantic, almost too clever for her own good. She is outwardly gregarious, but certainly guarded where her heart is concerned…

Hero – approx. 18-25 years old, F
Bright, loyal, loving, playful, an absolute jewel of a human being. Leonato’s only child.

Ursula – approx. Hero’s age (if not a little older), F
Quick to catch on, quicker still to play along, and all-out fun at parties.

Margaret – approx. Hero’s age, F
Very outgoing and playful, will look like Hero, particularly from behind—a point which will get her (and Hero) into trouble…

Dogberry – approx. 25-65 years old, M
Steadfast, prone to making up words, easily distracted, and not afraid to pick a fight. Head of the “Neighborhood Security” for the pending nuptials…

Verges – approx. same age as Dogberry, M or F
Much smarter than Dogberry, though not willing to speak up about that fact. Often the victim of his outbursts and chicanery.

Sexton – approx. 40-65 years old, M
Pulled into Dogberry’s shenanigans, the Sexton is Leonato’s security coordinator and Dogberry’s direct supervisor.

Oatcake – approx. 18-25 years old, M
Watchman in Dogberry’s security detail.

Seacole – approx. 18-25 years old, M
Watchman in Dogberry’s security detail