Audition: King Charles III



Director: Tyler Richards Hewes

Audition Date/Time: December 17 & 18 with callbacks, December 19, 20 & 21

Preliminary Auditions
Sunday, December 17, 2017 & Monday, December 18, 2017: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, BY APPOINTMENT
Call Backs
Tuesday, December 19, 2017 & Wednesday, December 20, 2017: 6:00pm – 10:00pm (with possible earlier end time), BY INVITATION

Production Dates/Times: At Coronado Playhouse:

Rehearsals from January, 2018.

Production Dates/Times:
March 23 – April 22, 2018
Thursday – Saturday 8pm, Sunday at 2pm.
NO performance on Sunday, April 1 (m) in observance of the Easter Holiday. An additional performance is scheduled for Saturday, March 31st at 2pm.

To Reserve Your Audition Time:
E-mail to audition@coronadoplayhouse.com with your name and telephone number, your first and second perferred time slot. Please put KING CHARLES III in subject line when emailing, and attached headshot and resume.

Where: Fredericka Manor, 183 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Audition Details:
For all roles:
Prepare two monologues (one modern/one blank verse) for a total length of no longer than 3-minutes. You may be asked for a cold-reading of a verse monologue (“O God of Battles! Steel my Soliders’ Hearts” – Henry V) not for performance but just to hear how you approach verse.

We will have copies of head shots and resume sent via email at auditions, for director. However, if you did not email these, please bring them with you.
You need to know your conflicts through April 22, 2018 and all conflicts must be listed on audition form.
Audition forms will be emailed to you n advance so you can complete them before the audition.
Rehearsals will begin January, 2018
This is a Non-Equity production.

If you are invited to callbacks, please be prepared for a workshop setting – including some movement, text, and character work.

Play description:

The most glamorous and photographed family in the world, the British royal family, seen through a modern-Shakespearean lens.

The Queen is Dead.  Long Live the King. Queen Elizabeth II is dead and Prince Charles-after a lifetime of waiting-prepares to finally ascend to the throne. One family holds the future of Great Britain in its hands. But what do Prince William, Princess Kate, and Prince Harry really think about their father’s ascension?

The Prime Minister proposes legislation designed to restrict the freedom of the press, which Charles opposes, subverting the understood rules of British democracy. Defying centuries of tradition, Charles boldly attempts to reassert the crown’s power, landing himself – and his country – in a royal mess.

Exploring the themes of power and betrayal, Mike Bartlett’s blank-verse, internationally acclaimed play, King Charles III, is a Shakespearean-style take on the future of the British Royal Family, skillfully revealing the living, breathing, nuanced flesh and blood people beneath the crowns. A smash Broadway and West End hit, King Charles III was nominated for 6 Olivier Awards, 5 Tony Awards, 3 Drama Desk Awards, winning Best Play in London and was recently made into a BBC/PBS Masterpiece Special starring Tim Piggott-Smith in the title role.

Cast List and Breakdown:

Time Period: The Future
Settings Of Play: The United Kingdom of Great Britain, various locations
Cast Size: 19
English accents will be required

Charles: Male, 60-75
has been the heir to the British throne his entire life; now in his late 60’s he must take his place as king; he knows all the protocol but he is oddly naïve and idealistic when it comes to what is actually expected of him by the government; he feels he should be able to take the high road when it comes to integrity.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Mr. / Mrs. Stevens: Male or Female, 50-69
the head of the opposition party (conservative); a career politician; is very fast on his/her feet when an opportunity is sensed and can play both sides against the middle; is not evil, just practiced at the art of politics.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

William: Male, 30-39
Charles and Diana’s eldest son and next in line for the throne; he loves his father but also understands more about how his grandmother worked than perhaps his father does; he is married to Kate Middleton and has two children and wishes to serve the crown in the time honored way.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Harry: Male, 30-35
the “spare” and the press bad boy of the royals; feels hemmed in by being a royal; he hungers for a freer life in less rarefied air.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Spencer/Nick/SirGordan: Male, 18+
a versatile actor who can play multiple roles; Spence is one of Harry’s posh friends; Nick is a member of the Prime Minister’s staff; and Sir Gordon is the Chief of the Defence Staff.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Mr. Evans: Male, 40-59
is the Prime Minister of England; he has worked well with the late queen but finds Charles and his stubborn beliefs a wall too high to climb; he tries desperately to hold the government together and conduct business as usual.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Camilla: Female, 60-69
Charles’ second wife; she is from the aristocracy and has loved Charles most of her life; she expects to be the King’s consort; she is very loyal to her husband and trusts his judgement.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

James Reiss: Male, 40-69
he has been Charles’ press secretary for many, many years and his loyalty has never been questioned, but when push comes to shove his loyalty is to the crown and not the man.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Cootsey/Speaker of the House of Commons/Sir Michael: Male, 30-39
Cootsey is one of Harry’s wilder friends; Speaker of the House says it all; Sir Michael is the head of the Metropolitan Police.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Clive/Servant/Terry: Male, 40-49+
a versatile actor who can play multiple roles; Clive is an Underbutler on staff at Buckingham Palace; Terry is a member of Harry’s security staff; actor will also play a variety of protestors, attendants, and members of the press.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Paul/Roberts/Archbishop of Cantebury: Male, 25+
a versatile actor who can play multiple roles; Paul is a Kebob vendor; Roberts is a Butler on staff at Buckingham Palace; the Archbishop of Cantebury says it all.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Sarah/Ghost/TV Producer: 30-49
Sarah is a member of the Prime Minister’s staff; efficient and foul mouthed; Ghost is the ghost of Diana Spencer (some resemblance would be good); TV producer is just that.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Jess: Female, 20-29
an art student from a working-class family in Reading; her accent indicates as much; as a commoner and a bit of a political rebel she is unimpressed by all things royal.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Kate: Female, 30-35
she is a well-educated, upper middle class woman who is now the wife of the heir to the throne; she is a fashion plate and always looks perfect for her part but behind the look is a sharp mind and nerves of steel.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Protestor / Commuter / Press / TV Crew / House of Commons / Butler)
Male, 50-69
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Protestor / Commuter / Press / TV Crew / House of Commons / Attendant)
Male, 25-35
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Protestor / Commuter / Press / TV Crew / House of Commons / Attendant)
Female, 20-35
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Protestor / Commuter / Press / TV Crew / House of Commons / Attendant)
Female, 60-69
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Protestor / Commuter / Press / TV Crew / House of Commons / Attendant)
Male, 30-39
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities